Tuesday brightener...

Photo credit: Bliss Living

With the recent arrival of my friend's daughter, I've been looking at little girl things and falling in love. They're just so happy and sweet. I mean, really, how does one resist something so cute? It almost makes me want to have a little one. Almost. :)
To brighten up your week, I pulled some of my favorite finds to share. Hope you enjoy.
Happy Tuesday!

Photo credit: Warm Biscuit

For now...
Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

For when she gets a little older...
Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

And maybe for later...


  1. Oh a stinkin cute! Almost makes me want to have a baby...somebody slap me!

  2. What sweet images! I love pink baby things!

  3. oooh, I love all of it! I always smile looking at girl's baby clothes in the store too :-)

  4. This are sweet images , love the pinks
    Love Rini


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