Rooms in bloom...

The springlike weather we enjoyed this past weekend was a welcome change after all the ice and snow we endured earlier in the month. It put me in the mood for pastels and florals and bright and cheery rooms. I found these on Pinterest and thought I would share. I love all the blue in the rooms ~ so pretty and cheerful. The room in the photo at the top is so relaxed and full of charm, don’t you think? And both rooms are so full of flowers. I love the simple display of a line of glass containers with a couple of pretty blooms tucked in each jar ~ simply lovely. It’s given me an idea for my sideboard when the weather warms up and stays warm.
Wishing all of you a lovely week…

All photos via Pinterest


  1. An indoor garden is what I need to work on--only snow outside. Not a sign of a bulb coming up.


  2. I have bee buying spring flowers for the house. It makes spring seem a little closer.


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