A planter for the Magic Shed?

Vintage bicycles have a certain charm and beauty about them, even if they are long past being ridden. I keep seeing them popping up everywhere as decor, a trend I am absolutely loving.
When I shared this photo on Facebook (which you may also have seen on Pinterest and a bunch of other places, as it seems to be everywhere), someone suggested I do this very thing for the Magic Shed. And I thought, genius ~ why didn’t that occur to me right off? I have the perfect spot for an old bike planter, right near one of the shed windows, which also happens to be crying out for a window box like the one above. Now I just have to find a vintage bike past its original usefulness so it can have a new lease on life as a lovely planter. Sounds like a great reason for a treasure hunt to me.

P.S. For those of you who don’t know the story of the Magic Shed, you can read it here.

Top photo via Pinterest


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