The beauty of not knowing...

Everywhere I look there are boxes full of books and pictures and all the other things that used to line the empty shelves now staring at me. I quit counting after I got to 13 boxes of books and wasn't even close to being done. I figured some things are better left unknown, including the number of boxes of books I am moving across country. Books are one of my favorite things in life until moving time comes and then all I can think is I've got to get another hobby. I clean my shelves regularly and donate them to the library sale, but I only seem to fall further and further behind... probably because I'm one of those people who leaves a bookstore with an armful of books, not just one.
And of course it's not just books. There's my dish collection, too. Really, if it wasn't for those two things, the whole moving experience would be a lot less time consuming. But since I'm not willing to give up my dish obsession any more than I'm going to give up my love of books, I'm sticking with my ignorance is bliss theory. I'll just pack and pack and pack until it's done, silently (or not) cursing myself for not leaving more of those tea cups in the store. If only they made space bags for things like that...

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  1. My philosophy has always been that you can never have too many books. However, after several moves, including a couple where the moving van was based on weight, I realize, like you, that my love of books does have a downside!!!

    When exactly are you moving? I'm excited for you...wish I was moving with you. We love that area of the country and long to move back.

    Have a great day,

  2. I have just gone through this myself...the never ending packing of dishes and books.

  3. I'm not giving up books or dishes either and will fight for them until the bitter end. I like your philosophy.


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