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As we prepare for moving back East, I am struck by how much I miss some things already. I already miss my somewhat quiet California life and the great Mexican food. I already miss living near the beach, in much the same way I still miss my great old house in the Carolinas. And while I'll be moving back to that wonderful house soon, I'm not very good at being in limbo. Trying to sort out a job, what to take, what to get rid of, coordinating a cross-country move with several dogs... it just makes my head spin.
As all of this whirls around in my mind, I realize I've been in a state of missing one thing or another for the last six years. For the first couple of years here, I missed my house and my friends and my old job terribly. As I made new friends and got settled, those feelings lessened, but never went completely away. And then when we were suddenly forced to move last summer after our landlord lost the house we'd rented for four years, we had to put quite a few things in storage as our new place is much smaller. One of the main things I've done without since then are my lovely dishes, most of which wound up in storage because there was simply no room. I was cleaning out photos the other day and came across these snapshots of my orphan tea cups and it made me miss them all the more. It probably sounds odd to say I miss things like pretty dishes, but there's a little more to it than that. It's really more that I miss having all the beautiful things I love in my life ~ people and possessions ~ in one place, where I can see them and talk with them and enjoy their company every day. Does that make sense?
It will be wonderful to live in a home we own again, to have enough room for everything and to really and truly settle in once and for all. If only I can get through the limbo period...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Your orphan dishes are really gorgeous. I think that it makes sense to miss them. You enjoy and love them! Soon you will be able to have them out again. Before you know it, this move will be all over and you'll be settled back into your home.


  2. The best and most beautiful collection are always orphan dishes! Yours are totally gorgeous, the teacups are adorable. I'm sure you will be so happy once you're settle into your home again. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend.

  3. I understand completely....I have moved 17 times in my married life and the weeks leading up to the move can always be unsettling....


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