Bright autumn color...

My sweetie brought this colorful bouquet to me. Isn't it beautiful? I love the bright colors. And while they're not traditional autumn colors, for some reason I still think they have a seasonal look about them. They're a nice little bit of cheer, that's for sure.
Wishing all of you an enjoyable start to the week...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. They're beautiful and I think they can easily pass as bright autumn colours. How about you get your sweetie to email my sweetie with a hint? ;-) Wishing you a lovely week xo

  2. they are lovely...and definitely in season with the beautiful sunflowers! Lucky Lady :D

  3. They are really beautiful and SO you!
    I love them. :)


  4. Oh, they are beautiful!! The bright gold puts them in the fall season, and even though pink isn't traditionally a color of autumn, in my opinion, pink is ALWAYS appropriate. (I know you feel the same way about pink.)


  5. Just letting you know that I can't figure out how to find you on Pinterest. If you know how to find people, you can look for me...Patti Gardner.

    LOVE your music!! I'm listening to my man Frank right now..."Love Is Here to Stay." We definitely have the same taste in music.



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