The beauty of a life well-lived...

Consider this a detour from my usual blog topics, but I’m so excited I wanted to share. You’ll never guess where I’m off to today. (OK, so the photograph might be a little bit of a hint.) I’m off to Los Angeles to see The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor. As some of you have probably heard, Christie’s is auctioning off Elizabeth Taylor's art, clothes, movie memorabilia and those fabulous jewels in New York City in December. But before they do, they have sent the collection on a world tour of a few select cities.
The collection is only making two stops in the United States ~ LA and New York. Since I live in southern California, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see in person all those amazing jewels, the dress she married Richard Burton in the first time (and the one she married him in the second time) and even her amazing art collection. She lived such a remarkable life; I can't wait to actually see some of the famous touchstones of it.
Since it will be hard for most people to see all this beauty up close and personal (the Los Angeles stop is already sold out), I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll take as many photos as allowed and report back so all of you can enjoy it, too.
Wish me luck with the constant traffic nightmare that is LA.


  1. Oooo! *squeals*!!!
    I cannot wait to see your pictures. Enjoy-I wish I could come with you. :)


  2. W.O.W.
    soak it all in girlfriend :D


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