Spring is in the air...

All photos from Midwest Living

Spring is most definitely in the air where I live. What better way to welcome this beautiful season than with a gorgeous flower arrangement? Pink peonies are perfect in a plain glass vase and would brighten any table. A watering can makes a perfect vase for tulips - not to mention a clever replacement for a front door wreath. What could be more cheerful than a display like that (except perhaps the one below)? I haven't quite figured out how they would use an umbrella in such a way - and keep the flowers watered - but isn't it lovely? It's a perfect illustration of spring.

I have been busy getting my home ready for the change in seasons. You know, out with the winter colors, back with the soft pastels and furniture covers that I adore so much. We have a beautiful basket of tulips that are well on their way to blooming in a few weeks, and various other plants outside have started to reawaken. I realize for some people still inundated with snow, spring seems far in the future, even though it's less than three weeks away. Even if its arrival is belated, I hope you'll remember to take advantage of its special gifts and surround yourself with its beauty.


  1. ooooh, I love that watering can and the umbrella!!! those would be easy to recreate (says the girl who is sooo not crafty) :-)

  2. Hasn't it been gorgeous the last couple of days! This is my favorite time of year! Gorgeous photos and I love the umbrella...how clever!

    Have a fantastic week Sweet Friend!!


  3. I so love the umbrella,, wish I new how they did it....makes me want to find some spring flowers and do some of my own door arrangement.... just not the umbrella...lol have a great week.


  4. Thanks for sharing these creative ideas...I love the umbrella...as I see most everyone did.

  5. beautiful photos! I can't wait for spring myself. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your blog is very pretty. I especially love the hydrangeas in your header!


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