Pretty little cakes for spring days...

Few things are more tempting than beautiful little cupcakes. So little, you think, surely one can't hurt. And so pretty - really, how can one be expected to resist such beauty? Cupcakes are so great because they are such an easy way to brighten everyone's day. And it takes very, very little skill or experience to make such pretty little creations. (Click here and here for some decorating ideas and here for a good basic cupcake recipe.) What could be simpler than a little pink icing and a big strawberry on top like the ones above? And they are great seasonal desserts - aren't all these perfect for spring?
Wishing all of you dreamy little cupcakes to accompany your days...


  1. love these! I cheat, I use box cake mixes to make my cupcakes. :-)

  2. Oh, so do I. :) Sometimes I'll make cakes from scratch, though usually I'm not above relying on a mix. I have a friend who ONLY makes cakes from scratch - big fancy ones, cupcakes, you name it. I don't quite have that kind of devotion. LOL

  3. Bella, these are just gorgeous. I don't know if I lack patience or talent, but mine never look as good as these. These are divine.

  4. oh my gosh, what beautiful photos you have collected here! my local bakery makes wonderful frosting-filled cupcakes. mmmm!


  5. Love those sweet little cupcakes. I love that song...."Spring can really hang you up the most" I have Bab's new cd and that is one of the songs on it. A fave for sure of mine.

  6. They look fabulous. I may just have to make some....

    Leeann x


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