Breaking through the gloom...

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Finally! Like those bulbs breaking through the ground and growing toward the sunshine, I hope that I am (fingers crossed) leaving this awful cold that's besieged me for two weeks behind. I have spent a decent portion of the last couple of weeks in a miserable fog, stuck in the gloom that a sore throat, stuffy nose, inflamed sinuses, congested chest and endless bouts of coughing bring. And while I am still not 100 percent better, I have felt the fog of misery lift. I feel almost normal, on the mend - and I must say it's a wonderful feeling.
It's been a long time since I've been really, truly unwell. I get little bouts of being sick or feeling bad for a day or two, but that's it. These last couple weeks, as I steadily got worse and worse, I began to appreciate just how lucky I have been when it comes to my health. And it got me thinking that maybe it's time I start taking better care of myself and my body, which, frankly, I pretty much take for granted. You know, making an effort to actually exercise and eat more vegetables and cut down on the french fries and ice cream. I'm not interested in a quick fix, just a more healthy lifestyle that will lead to an even more beautiful life. Anyone with me?


  1. I love crocus! I have snowbells, daffodils and star flowers!

  2. Oh yes.. I'm with you! I'm f..f.. forty-something going on that next nasty little word I can't even bring myself to SAY, let alone THINK about!.. And well.. enough said about THAT for now! I feel fine, but have the feeling I better start eating better. I refuse to part with the cookies and cake types of goodies, but I know I need to drink more water, juice, green tea.. and start taking some vitamins! I have a million of them, and take NONE of them! I will say I DO exercise at least!.. so at least that's SOMETHING I'm doing right already! ~tina


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