Pink Saturday...

Happy Pink Saturday!
Before the summer gets away from us and our rose bushes completely stop blooming, I thought I would share some of their beauty. The pale pink roses in the vase are from a gorgeous climber that creates these fat, beautiful blooms. The pink and cream roses are not only stunning, they smell wonderful, too. I love roses that actually still have a scent. The second photo is of another pink bush. We have other colors, too, but the pinks are my favorite.
Thanks again to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturdays. Stop by her blog for a complete list of participants - it's fun to hop around and see all the fabulous pink everyone shares.
Have a wonderful weekend, all!


  1. Love, love, love pink roses! Happy Pink Saturday!


  2. Gorgeous pink roses! Happy Pink Saturday! x

  3. Love your photographs. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. The flowers are just beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Beautiful roses and pictures. Happy pink Saturday

  6. With the end of summer just around the corner, that rose is even more precious. Thanks so much!

  7. Love the roses - so pretty. Mine have stopped blooming for the season, I'm afraid. Ah well. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Your roses and the photos you have taken of them are lovely. Ours are still blooming here, but they don't have much life left in them. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  9. And I am so glad you did, just beautiful, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  10. So sweet roses. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  11. Such beautiful roses, and they are one of my very favorite things. Thanks for sharing some pink beauties today. Vicki

  12. Love your roses... but really REALLY like your header.

    If you have a moment-- I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  13. love it all...I am having a-give-away to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... so come on over and check it out... We will picking a winner Late Monday night , and posting the results then...

  14. gorgeous!!!! you make me want to participate in Pink Saturday!

  15. Happy Belated Pink Saturday - I feel like you I want to capture all of the summer I can as cool weather will be here soon and the days are already getting shorter. Thanks for your visit and I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.

  16. These roses are not just beautiful but HUGE! I like the smell of roses too :-)

    Happy Pink Week!


  17. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet!

    If you have the time, please stop by The Old Parsonage, I love company!



  18. Absolutely stunning, hope you had a great pinkie Saturday and a lovely weekend..

    Love & Hugs

    Duchess ♥♥♥

  19. Beautiful roses. About the only rose I can grow is the knockout rose because it's so easy. I admire anyone who can grow other varieties.

    Stop by my kitchen when you get a chance. Thanks again for the Splash award. I've passed it on today to a new blogging friend of mine. I think you'll approve.

  20. Hi Bella,

    I've missed you! So nice to hear from you and I hope all is well!!


    P.S. I love your music, I have no clue what she's saying...but I love it!!!


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