The beauty of lavender roses...

Hello, everyone! I am so glad to see the new year and to get my computer back. My iMac went decidedly off the rails right around Thanksgiving, and it took quite awhile to get to the root of the problem and get it fixed. For awhile I was a bit worried they would never figure it out, but they did, and I am incredibly grateful. I can now get back to my some of my design projects and to blogging. I still have to finish showing you my new house ~ I can’t wait for you to see the rest of it because it has been such fun to do.
In the meantime, I have still been working on a few projects, figuring out which pillows work in which room, adding a few finishing touches here and there ~ you know, the fun stuff.
Today I had to make a quick run to Publix and wouldn’t you know it, I brought home more flowers than groceries. These lavender roses are perfect in my dining room ~ I absolutely love them. In the last photograph, you can see I added a few more plates to the wall in my dining room, on either side of my drapes. I know I already showed you that room (I really thought I was finished with it), but it turns out it just needed this last little finishing touch.
In addition to the roses, I also bought three bunches of tulips ~ pink, yellow and pale orange. As soon as they open, I’ll share them as well. 
Hope you enjoy this bit of Monday beauty!

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully