Tilly is back & celebrating fall...

It has been awhile since all of you have seen Tilly, I realize. With all the packing and moving this year, I wasn’t able to keep up with her. But now she’s back. I have given her a fresh coat of paint (her 5-year makeover I call it, since that’s how often she seems to need freshening up) and she has landed in her new home on the front porch, greeting everyone in our new neighborhood.
To celebrate her new home, she has gotten some new outfits, including this adorable little plaid number ~ perfectct for fall, don’t you think? And I can’t wait to show you her new winter coat and scarf. It’s too too cute.
To join Tilly in her fall finery, I have decorated the porch with mums and pumpkins and a wreath ~ it looks so pretty. I just love autumn! 

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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