A last look at the garden...

The last three or four weeks have been a whirlwind. We sold our fab old house and moved into a fab new house. Most of the boxes have been unpacked, but we’re still in the process of completely settling in and getting everything just the way we want it. I have ordered some new pieces ~ some have arrived, some are still in transit ~ and still have to pick out and order several more things, including new dining room and outdoor furniture. (I fear the new chairs I ordered to go with my table in the kitchen are lost in the never-never land that is the COVID-19 shipping trials, as no one seems to know where they are at present.) And I can’t wait to get my new drapes all chosen and bought and hung ~ the house still feels echo-y without them.
So there’s still plenty to do, but it isn’t a race, so it will all come. One thing I am hoping to get started on next year ~ it will have to wait until then ~ is a new garden. I miss my garden, along with my little old house. I am so grateful to have left it at its most beautiful, when so many things were in bloom. Even the jasmine had started the bloom and smelled divine. I took these photos on last couple of strolls before we left, one after a rain storm. I hope you enjoy.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully