Inspiring me...

Do you ever dream of what you’ll do next with your home? Or a new home? I find myself doing this all the time. Not because I am unhappy with my home ~ on the contrary, I absolutely love it ~ but more that I am always looking to be inspired. I keep an inspiration file where I put photographs I've pulled from various places. The more I get into Instagram (it has become my preferred social media channel because it is full of beauty and good things), the more I discover many inspiring places and interiors. These photos, I think, all came from there. I have kept the account info on some; I’m going to keep doing that. If anyone sees one of their photos here, please reach out and I will happily credit.

As for the photos ~ a pink velvet sofa is definitely in my future. And I still adore the idea of dramatic wallpaper, perhaps in a bedroom or dining room. And the rug below ~ I just love it. It is a statement piece all on its own. The kitchen feels so welcoming; I think there are cute little cafe curtains in my future when we renovate our kitchen someday. And that bathroom ~ I love everything about it, including the color of the cabinet for the sink.
Sigh. Looking at these photos just makes me happy.
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Photos from Instagram