Flamingos, flowers and odds & ends...

Summer has been beating down hard here in the Carolinas. We got a break today ~ some rain last night, overcast skies and the occasional breeze and highs only in the 70s. It feels like heaven after the million 90-degree days we’ve had lately.
Still, summer has its charms, and one of them is flamingos. My friends and I have had a thing for pink flamingos for quite a while (long before they suddenly became popular again) and I decided this morning to get out some of my fun flamingo glassware and create a new tablescape on my dining room sideboard ~ largely inspired by this cute tray I just found. I kind of love it.

In the living room, I have this gorgeous bouquet of flowers my hubby brought me. I am so lucky he still likes to do that just because.

And now for the odds & ends part of this post. Last weekend, some friends and I went down to the Lowcountry for the annual Spartina 449 warehouse sale. It was the first time we had ever been, so it was a chance for us to scope things out and see how it all worked. We also got in plenty of beach time and enjoyed some fabulous seafood and scenery. Below is my haul of little goodies from the sale.

To round things out, I will leave you with the beauty of Hilton Head. Enjoy.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully