A cozy Christmas...


After a rough couple of months, I am looking forward to a quiet, cozy Christmas. Work has been busier than ever, some of our friends and family have developed serious health problems and I have been dealing with wisdom teeth problems. I should have had my bottom wisdom teeth out 20 years ago but I kept putting it off and it seemed like no big deal, until one of them moved and I got a very painful infection in my jaw. That cleared up and I had my wisdom teeth removed in an operation my dentist called one of the most difficult extractions she had ever done. A couple weeks later, despite following my doctor’s orders, I got another infection in my jaw and trismus (lockjaw) to go with it. So now I can barely open my mouth wide enough to drink. I will be glad to see the end of 2017, I have to say.

In between all of that, I was determined to decorate the house for the holidays. I even managed to add a new Christmas tree to the mix, which means I now have four lighted trees of various sizes and two others. This is my new rose gold tree in the living room, and full of nothing but pink and crystal ornaments. I absolutely love it.

A few little decorations here and there… and of course, my pink flamingo tree, which is now in the hall.

This ornament is a memento of our trip to Scotland earlier this year. I bought this at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

The tree in my dining room.

I love my kissing ball, which hangs in the doorway of the French doors between the living and dining rooms. And of course, the little pink tree my mom gave me a few years ago.

I am so glad to be able to enjoy some quiet time with loved ones over the next few days, as well as the joy of just being home, surrounded by beauty, with nothing to do but enjoy it. Wishing all of you a lovely Christmas...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Your home is gorgeous and yes, very cozy. I could settle into the chair by the fire with a cup of tea and a nice book. Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. Hope that is behind you as you look ahead to 2018. 2017 was rough for me too with the death of my father, my aunt, a friend and my cat. Hoping 2018 will be kinder. Here's to a relaxing and cozy season.


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