Porch style...

My sun porch is one of those spaces that always seems to get reworked. Do you have rooms like that, where you just keep moving things about? In my case, the reason for so much change has to do with changing furniture ~ the porch seems to get a lot of leftovers. In anticipation of eventually moving my current kitchen table out here, I decided to get rid of my old coffee table. That meant a rework. Here’s what my porch looks like now:

I feel like I may still need another chair, probably where this stack of pillows is in front of the fireplace. But for now, it’s fine.
Below you can see my fab pink flamingo metal sculpture, a gift from one of my dear friends. We’ve had a thing about pink flamingos for years. They are suddenly becoming more popular, which I’m not sure I like. I’ve never been overly in love with trends. Of course, I only found that fab pink flamingo pillow for my favorite chair a couple of weeks ago ~ the upside to the sudden popularity of pink flamingos.

So that’s my current porch style. If you’d like to see what my porch looked like before, with the coffee table, click on the Sun Porch button to the left. 
Wishing all of you an enjoyable week...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Very cozy and pretty. I'm sure you enjoy many lovely evenings out there.

    I have seen pink flamingos in a few yards recently. One yard has about 2 dozen of them.



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