Hydrangeas in bloom...

I love hydrangeas ~ their big fluffy blooms, the myriad of colors and the ease with which they grow. This hydrangea in the side yard can’t make up its mind which color it wants to be so it ranges from pink to blue, with plenty of lavender in between. I could add something to the soil to help it decide, but I quite like all the colors.

I love seeing blue and pink on the same plant.

The hydrangea I planted last year is doing well and producing gorgeous purple blooms. It is supposed to be pink but I haven’t bothered to add anything to the soil because the purple is so pretty.

I am still waiting for my limelight hydrangea to bloom. It is absolutely huge and looks to have many, many blooms. I’ll share some photos in the next few weeks.

Wishing all of you a lovely week...

Photos by The Art of Beautifully


  1. Such lovely hydrangeas. I agree the various colours add to their beauty.

  2. Oh, Eileen, your hydrangeas are absolutely stunning! Along with peonies, they are my favorite flower. How fun that you have an array of colors.

    Do you clip them and bring them indoors?

    Have a great day,


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