Happy Spring...

Happy Spring, everyone! I am thoroughly looking forward to getting back out in the yard and working on my garden projects and enjoying some warmer weather. Though I must admit the last couple of days, it feels like winter has come back for one last goodbye where I live. We were enjoying temperatures in the 70s and then suddenly this weekend it got cloudy and rainy with highs in the 50s. Happy spring, indeed. Brrr.

Nevertheless, our yard took note of the warmer temperatures and things are starting to come back to life. Our daffodils have bloomed and our forsythia has started to green up and bloom. And my poor husband has already had to cut the grass three times in the past two weeks.
My rose bushes have also roared back to life and my azaleas have started to bloom. More photos to come...

Wishing everyone a lovely spring.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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