Happy Mother's Day...

Happy Mother’s Day! To all of the moms out there, whether you are of the more traditional variety or your babies are four-legged like mine, I hope your day is filled with flowers and fun and lots of love.
In honor of this day, I’d like to share a photo with you of my grandmother, who passed away earlier this year. I was named after her, and she was a huge influence on my life in the best possible way.
This is her after she graduated and became a registered nurse. “I was a dish in my day,” she told me once, and as you can see, that was indeed true. She was truly the matriarch of our family and is missed by everyone.
Happy Mother’s Day, Gram.

Wishing everyone a lovely day...


  1. A beautiful post about your grandmother. A beauty in deed, she was!

    Did your four-legged kids bring you kibbles in bed?

    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  2. Hi Eileen, I'm not really blogging anymore, but I wanted to pop by and see what some of my friends were up to.

    This is a lovely post about your grandma. Such a beautiful photo.

    I adored both my grandmothers, but my paternal one was the greatest role model of my life and the woman I always wanted to be like when I grew up. She is definitely the kind of grandma I want to be when my time comes.



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