Introducing The Weekly Want...

I have been thinking about starting a new feature here for a while now. I see beautiful rooms, furniture, gardens and other things all the time and wanted a better way to share them with you. These are images you see that make you think, “Oooh, I want that,” so I have decided to call it The Weekly Want. Think of it as a wish-list to the Universe. I may even turn it into a link-up if people are interested in joining.
To start it off, I am sharing this image from Veranda magazine of a fabulous dining room. This room is so elegant and I love the bit of Art Deco flair with the curved panes in the cupboards and the black lacquer table. I love the color scheme, too, which resembles the color scheme in my own dining room. (The pink flowers are, naturally, the perfect finishing touch in my book.) I have been looking at this picture for a couple of months now thinking I have to find a way to do this in either my next house or someone else’s home. I’m like a little kid ~ I want, I want.
Wishing all of you a lovely week...

Photo from Veranda


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