Room reveal: Our TV room makeover...

There are only two rooms remaining in my home that I haven’t shown you as part of the great home redecorating project that started last May: this one and the office. There’s nothing special or interesting about the office ~ I did paint it, but aside from that, it still needs work. Until I can figure out how to arrange it to my satisfaction, it will have to remain a mystery.
So that leaves our TV room, which you see here. It took me a bit longer to finish this room than the others, for a number of reasons. The “before” picture is directly below, followed by the “in-progress” photo. You can see the walls went from pink to a nice gray while the scratched floor waited to be done.  And that set of curtains didn’t make the cut.

Someone years and years ago put linoleum tile down over the hardwood floor in this room. If I take it up, I’ll most likely end up having to replace the hardwood, so for the time being, it’s sticking around. The tiles were a dull white and then painted brown when I lived here before, in an attempt to help them blend in with the other hardwood floors throughout the house. The color wasn’t quite dark enough, however, so when I repainted them this time, I decided to just go really dark since I was covering the floor with a large rug. The darker color actually works much better ~ you don’t notice the difference when you look through the house.

Since the sole purpose of this room is to watch TV (I dislike having a television in the living room, so this small room near the back of the house works perfectly for that purpose) and I’ve always loved movie posters, I decided to use them to decorate. I went with a mostly British/French tie-in on the movie posters, with the obvious exception of Marilyn ~ that was a request from my fiancĂ©. Since I was under orders to keep the room from being overly feminine, I found a graphic, brightly colored rug that he liked and some nice dark purple curtains. We ordered a small sectional for the room ~ comfort was of the utmost importance ~ in a fabric that worked well in the room. He picked out the television, of course, and the chest for it. A few throw pillows, a new ceiling fan and the room was complete.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. The room is warm and cozy, and with the curtains closed, it’s quite dark ~ perfect for watching television. What do you think?

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  1. Love it! You know I especially love the "Casablanca" movie poster.

    Funny, I am in the process of talking about changing out my homeschool room (since my kids have graduated), and I am thinking of a Paris and/or movie theme.

  2. What a fabulous idea to put movie posters in your TV room. Love it.

  3. It turned out great! Love the posters, what a wonderful idea.

  4. I think the dark curtains are a great idea in a tv room. You did a nice job transforming this room. I have pulled linoleum off of hardwood floors. It is a huge job!! I hope you enjoy your newly decorated room. Linda

  5. Hi Eileen,
    I really like the posters for your TV room. I never thought of that. The English/French theme is such a great idea! Your sectional looks comfy too. Thanks for sharing with us and have a wonderful weekend.


  6. This looks Perfect! Love all the movie posters and the cozy colors and furniture arrangement. Beautifully done! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. This looks great! I love the movie posters. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  8. Your television room looks beautiful, Eileen! What a transformation. And all your posters are so wonderful, adding lovely splashes of color. The rug is stunning, too. Wishing you many hours of enjoyment there!


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