Making the best of an old kitchen...


With my house redecorating project officially done for now ~ the last of the furniture arrived Tuesday, thank goodness ~ I thought I'd share with you the last few rooms you haven't seen. My kitchen is one of the two rooms in the house where I'm sort of limited in what I can do. While the rest of the house got a major makeover this summer and fall, the only big thing I did in the kitchen was paint the cabinets. We plan on gutting and redoing the kitchen in the next year or two, so it didn't seem worthwhile to spend a whole lot of time and effort in there. The room is woefully behind the times, as you can see. Even so, it has a certain charm about it, I think. 
I love red and yellow in the kitchen. My friend who rented my house while I was in California painted the kitchen green. I contemplated painting it yellow again, but the green went so well with my dishes and the oatmeal cabinets, I decided to leave it. The breakfast nook in the back still has yellow walls, so I used red to tie the two spaces together. 
I had taken the doors off the dish cupboard when I lived here before; it instantly opened up the room and made the dishes a big part of the decor. Since I'm a dishaholic, it's perfect for me. After I painted the bottom cupboards this time, I made some cute curtains out of one of my Pink Home fabrics and framed and hung some pretty art on the walls. Between that and the red door table in the breakfast nook, which is the old front door to the house, the kitchen is full of old-world charm.
So while I'm looking forward to new cabinets and countertops and a farmhouse sink one day, the kitchen is cute and it works, so it's fine for now.
What do you think?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I, too, am limited in the kitchen area. Our old house (1921) has a small but very workable kitchen. We've done new flooring, countertops, tile, etc. but major renovations are not possible. I like your kitchen. The colors remind me of those in my family home growing up. We also had that breakfast "nook". It was for breakfast, lunch and doing homework.


  2. It looks like home. Cute kitchen!

  3. What a great kitchen! Thanks for stopping by Everyday Ruralty. Have a great upcoming weekend!

  4. Your kitchen is so pretty, cozy, adorable and inviting!

  5. cozy and lovely a place called home. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  6. Eileen, I'm going backwards on your posts...can you tell? Now I do remember landing here before because I loved your kitchen. You and I both share love of red and yellow in the kitchen. I also have several Janet Hill prints. Your kitchen is darling! You've done such a great job with your house.


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