The beauty of chilly October days...

It truly feels like autumn where I live ~ yesterday it only climbed into the 50s and today isn't expected to be a whole lot warmer. And I, for one, love it. It's the perfect weather for good soup, some warm crusty bread and a lovely fire in the fireplace. Or, in my case, lots of lovely candles giving off a warm glow from the fireplace.
I hope all of you have been enjoying a lovely month so far. I just arrived back in the Carolinas from driving across the country with my sweetie and Miss Emily. It's a long trip from California to the East Coast, hence my recent absence, but it's wonderful to have us all back together again.
Wishing all of you a beautiful week...

Photo by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Yeah! You are a family again! I was just wondering if you are loving this NC weather! It does feel fallish.

  2. Oh! The candles look so warm and lovely.
    Smiles, Dottie

  3. Oh, I agree! I just love the fall and it makes me feel so much more energetic than summer does! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller


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