Catching up...

Hello, all. 2012 is only a week old and I am happy to report I've already had my cold for the year. I always seem to get one cold a year. This one started New Year's Day and seems to pretty much be gone today, so I'm thinking that's over and done with for the year (fingers crossed). 
Feeling like rot is why I've been so absent this past week. My holidays were absolutely wonderful ~ I got engaged! ~ and now I'm looking forward to a year of big changes. Things are going swimmingly at The Pink Home, too ~ lots of plans and goodies in the works. We'll be moving back East this year (possibly sooner rather than later, depending...), and I'll be starting on redecorating my old house. Of course, that will mean lots of before and after pics for all of you ~ and I'm sure a few help-me-decide posts as well ~ so that will be fun. 
I'm so excited about everything that's going on this year, I can hardly stand it ~ it's going to be a fabulous year. Of course, there's also the added joy of the return of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece. It starts tonight and I can hardly wait. Two whole months of beautiful Edwardian soapy fabulousness ~ yet one more reason to love 2012. (If you're on Pinterest, check out my Downton Abbey Obsession board.)
I hope all of you have lots of wonderful plans and things to look forward to this year.

Top photo from PBS; bottom photo from Vanity Fair


  1. Congrats on your engagement!! Looking forward to seeing all you do this coming year.

  2. Congratulations! The Downton christmas episode (last one) is brilliant, enjoy.

  3. Again, congratulations!

    It's going to be a "big" year for you! :-)

  4. Hello wonderful! This was super! Blessings to you! Happy New Year!


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