Holiday decorating...

My holiday decorating has begun, but I must admit it's quite a bit less than past years. With our plans to move in less than a year and quite a bit of our stuff in storage in the meantime, including most of my Christmas decorations, the decorating is going to be pretty light. Still, I'm managing to add a little holiday cheer here and there, which I'll show you in the coming days.
How is your decorating coming?

Photo by The Pink Home


  1. So tell me about the upcoming move? Are you staying in the area? Or moving to another state?

    We, too, are hoping to move within the year...actually, we had hoped to move sometime this year, but things haven't worked out as planned. I wasn't supposed to have to endure another winter in the north, but I'm still here....hoping next winter finds me in the sunny, warm South.

    I haven't really begun decorating for Christmas yet. I don't start until sometime in December, and I'm not entirely sure I want to put up a large little beagle is frightened by anything out of the ordinary, and a tree would definitely fall into that category, so I'm kind of thinking about just putting a small table-top tree up.

    Anyhow, your wreath is beautiful.



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