The beauty of fresh eggs?

All photos by Ray Kachatorian from Country Living. Click here for the slideshow.

A few months ago, I came across an article in a magazine about these people who built their own chicken coop and have a few chickens that give them fresh eggs. The coop was so adorable and the idea of fresh eggs appealed so much, I thought, hmmm, we might have to try that one day. While we don't live on a farm, neither did the people in the article, and they seemed to manage fine. The more I read, the more I was convinced I'd love to do that.
Then, today, I spotted an article on Country Living's Website about the very same thing ~ different people, but they had built their own coop and were raising their own chickens, living in a city. The coop is absolutely adorable, as you can see from the photos, as are the eggs their hens produce.
Seeing all of this, I'm beginning to wonder if having your own chicken coop is a new trend, especially after a conversation I had last week. I was talking to a friend of mine who just moved into a fabulous old house with plenty of yard and she was telling me about wanting a little chicken coop for a few hens so they could have fresh eggs. I told her what I had seen in the first article and how I was thinking it sounded like something I'd love to do, and then we talked about various ideas for cute little coops and the beauty in having your very own fresh eggs. So now I'm curious ~ do any of you have your own chicken coops? If not, is it something you've ever thought of doing?

All photos by Ray Kachatorian from Country Living. Click here for the slideshow.


  1. We don't but when we lived in Tennessee our neighbors did and they brought us fresh eggs all of the time.

    I like the idea of it, I am not sure I want to deal with chicken poo though. That is the same reason we have decided not to get another dog....the dog poo - lol.

  2. wow, in a city? my hometown is a small village and the zoning laws prohibited that kind of thing in "town." I remember my dad (he was one of the cops in town) having to tell a family that the goats they had were not allowed, zoning laws didn't allow farm animals to be kept in city limits. I'd advise checking out the zoning laws/rules. :-) Anyhoo-I like the idea of having fresh anything over a million trips to the store and I'm sure it's healthier.

  3. I live in a subdivision with very strict covenants. Hens...and other small farm animals, like lambs and goats...are not allowed.

    I buy fresh eggs from a girl my daughter works with. While she doesn't live on a farm, her neighborhood doesn't have the same CCR's that mine does. She sells them for $2 a dozen, which I think is a pretty good price for fresh, pure eggs.

    Hope it works out for you to have your own hens.


  4. I just cant wait to have my own chickens! Its on my to do list!

  5. I've never wanted chickens, but I sure love fresh eggs. My grandmother had chickens for a while when I was very young.

    We buy our eggs at a local vegetable stand and they are far superior to the supermarket ones. I can't imagine how delightfully fresh they must be if you picked them in your own back yard.

  6. Ive definitely thought about this. We currently live in a condo townhouse with only a little patch of a yard, so it would be totally out of the question now, but we are hoping in th enext few years, Lord willing to move to a spot that woulod have enough land for a nice big garden and a small chicken coop. I pay a real premium for cage-free eggs (something I think is an ethical choice) and would love to just have them for myself!

  7. I grew up on a hobby farm where yes, we had hens. I don't think that I'd ever want that experience again. Not anything bad about it but .. just not for me. (one more friggin thing to clean if you want the truth)
    There is an egg farm about 10 minutes away from my house. They sell fresh eggs there. Fresh enough for me. :P


  8. While going through older posts I came across this on keeping chickens. We live in suburban Indianapolis and are allowed to have up to ten hens. At present we have eight in two separate coops and runs. Since the Urban Farmer retired it is his job to maintain the facilities. He enjoys it (we were both brought up on farms) and we definitely love the fresh organic eggs.


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