Beauty from a friend...

About a week ago, one of my dearest friends told me she found a little something for me and would be putting it in the mail. A small box arrived today and wrapped delicately in tissue paper were a half-dozen adorable napkin rings. She said they looked like sunshine to her, perfect for summer, and I couldn't agree more.
In thanking her today, I relayed that I had been thinking of changing out the look of my dining room table after we moved. I have these beautiful cream and yellow embroidered placemats and I thought I'd set up four of them instead of the usual runner or tablecloth. Upon receiving these little pieces of beauty, I knew instantly that was indeed what I would do ~ don't they look fabulous together? So, after we move, I'm going to put a lovely napkin in the holder and place one in the middle of each placemat. They will play nicely off my yellow cafe curtains. I'm beginning to see our new dining room in my head and I think it's going to look fabulous. 


  1. Love those rings....what a thoughtful friend!!

  2. I agree... a little bit of sunshine! What fun they'll be to use this summer!

  3. What a thoughtful friend. They do look like sunshine.

  4. How cute are those! What a sweet friend. :)


  5. Eileen,
    Sorry you have to move but it sounds like you have found a wonderful place.

    The napkin rings are wonderful.

    Take care.


  6. How sweet! Friends seem to always know what we need. Sounds like we are both embarking on an unexpected move. I half way expected mine but guess I've been in denial. lol Moving is hard work. Happy Packing!

  7. Your friend sent you a little treasure. Yes, full of sunshine!
    So nice to stop by!


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