The beauty of yellow...

Spring, which is just around the corner, always makes me think of yellow. It's such a sunny, cheerful color, bursting with the promise of something new and fresh ~ much like spring itself. I personally love yellow in the kitchen; for some reason, it seems to suit to me. I've had various shades in my kitchens over the years, from pale to creamy to golden.
But lately, I've been intrigued by the idea of using yellow in other ways, perhaps in a new room, like the beautiful dining room above. I just love how the lavender seat cushions set off the buttery walls. The room just looks like spring to me.
And then there's the great, simple idea I saw in Better Homes and Gardens of putting pretty yellow fabric or fancy paper under glass to cover the top of a nightstand (or a side table). So easy and so pretty ~ and you don't have to live with it forever.
Do you have a color that you associate with spring?


  1. If I had to name a favorite color, it would be yellow. As you say, so cheerful.

  2. I love yellow too and it's what I painted my kitchen. For spring, I think of greens and robin's egg blue as well! :-)

  3. Almost all the rooms in my home are painted yellow! I am going to be painting my kitchen table a creamy white this year (currently it is black) so I loved seeing this picture!

  4. I love yellow-passionately. Most of my house is yellow, I just adore it so!
    I am going to be putting new fabric on the cushions of my dining room chairs and was wondering what color to use. I love the lavender shown in that picture and may use it!!



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