A little beauty for your desk...

All photos from Vera Bradley

In light of the recent turn of events at my office, which you can read about here, I thought it would be important to hone in on another way to add beauty to my work environment - one beyond objection. There are lots of pretty/funny office products and note cards around, but Vera Bradley (which also makes purses, totes, luggage, rugs and other things) makes some of my favorites. I love that the company always has new patterns coming out and is always adding new products. And, their office products are fairly reasonable in cost, so I won't feel guilty indulging in a treat or two to brighten my desk and my workday.
It doesn't matter if your desk is in an office building or a room in your house - all those functional items you use (sticky notes, paper, file folders, note cards, etc.) can still be pretty and bring you a hint of pleasure. I'm a firm believer in making necessary tasks as pleasant as possible, and most things done in an office are hardly what you'd call fun, so I'll take all the help I can get in the form of pretty papers to make the experience more enjoyable.
Click here to go to the Vera Bradley site. Just looking at all the pretty patterns brightens my day. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Great finds! and yay for you finding ways to still add beauty to your work space :-) phooey on them anyway for ruining your beautiful office.


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