The beauty of Spartina 449...

I am absolutely in love with Spartina 449, a Southern handbag and accessories company. Some friends and I discovered this brand during one of our visits to the Lowcountry a few years ago, and one of my friends has been a devotee of its Snap Wallet ever since.
I bought a piece or two for gifts over the last couple of years, but had not bought any Spartina for myself. When I saw this Salt Meadow pattern a few weeks ago, I was so taken I decided I had to have it. I bought a gorgeous wristlet ~ I find them so useful in the summer months ~ and decided it was time to try one of their Snap Wallets, which is what is pictured here. I must say, it is so fabulous I may never carry another type of wallet ever again. The quality is excellent, amazing for the price, really, and it has pockets and slots for absolutely everything you need. No wonder my friend has been so devoted.

If you haven’t seen this brand, I encourage you to take a look ~ there are many lovely patterns and the quality is wonderful.

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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