Planting lilacs...

I came across a couple of lilac bushes yesterday and thought I might add a couple to my yard. I don’t know much about growing them, so I’ll have to read up. I do have a couple of spots that would be wonderful with a lilac bush thrown into the mix, so here’s hoping they turn out to like their new homes. I absolutely adore how they smell ~ their fragrance would be a wonderful addition to the yard.
Earlier this year, I moved a couple of rose bushes to a new home where they would get more sun and so far they seem to be thriving. I am planning to replace them in their old home with a hydrangea, which will take the shade better. I fear one of my hydrangeas was killed by the late snow ~ it had greened up very early because of the warm weather, and now looks like it is nearly dead after that awful wet snow we had a couple weeks ago. I’m going to give it another couple weeks, just to be sure. All my other hydrangeas have recovered well, but that one just did not care for that sudden cold snap.
Other than that, I think my gardening will be more of the maintenance variety this year, rather than full-on planning and planting. But you never know...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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