The beauty of a Downton excursion...

One of my dearest friends and I are off to Asheville, N.C., bright and early tomorrow to visit Biltmore Estate (one of our favorite places) and enjoy the Dressing Downtown exhibition. The estate has a variety of costumes from Downtown Abbey on display, as you can see from these photographs, and we’re both thrilled to get a look at them in person. (Yes, we’re huge fans of the show.)

I’m so looking forward to seeing the costumes and enjoying a day of wandering, talking and shopping, even if it is slated to rain. Biltmore is always a pleasure to visit and it’s wonderful to have yet another reason to go.
If you are interested in seeing the Dressing Downton exhibition, it runs through May 25. Click here for more information.
Wishing all of you a lovely weekend...

Photos from here


  1. Wow! Stunning photos! Enjoy your trip and share your photos please! Have a good weekend.


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