The beauty of blooming with new growth...

Since this month is all about blooming where you’re planted ~ literally and figuratively ~ I wanted to share photos of a couple of my plants who seem to know all about this. Above is a bloom from my gardenia bush. I cut this old gardenia way back over the winter because it had gotten much, much too tall and straggly in the bottom. In the last month or so, it has really come back beautifully. Frankly, with so much to overcome this year, I did not expect it to bloom at all (it usually is full of fragrant blooms). But lo and behold, this weekend I was walking up the pathway to the front door and what do I see? A gardenia bloom ~ two, in fact. The bush looks so wonderfully lush and healthy now, I’m sure that cutting it back was the right thing to do.
And then there’s this poinsettia. I had a number of poinsettias in the house over the holidays and when it came time for the house to change with the seasons, I put the remaining poinsettias out on our porch, which is glassed/screened-in. Several died after a couple of months, but this one has really taken to life on the porch. I have never had a poinsettia live this long, nor have I ever had one that stuck around so long it sprouted new growth, as this one has. At the rate it’s going, it just may see another Christmas. Wouldn’t that be neat? 
Sending all of you wishes for a lovely week ~ may we all continue to grow and bloom where we’re planted...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


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