A little beauty to lift the spirits...

When I'm feeling particularly busy or a little overwhelmed, I always find it helps to slow down for a bit and indulge in making something pretty. Slowing down when all you want to do is hurry and get through your to-do list sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but it helps get my brain working properly again so I can actually get through that list.
Saturday morning while running errands, I decided put my massive to-do list on hold for a little bit to pick up some flowers to arrange. I just needed something beautiful and bright. I brought home several bunches of autumn blooms and spent a half-hour or so creating this arrangement for my living room and another little one for the hall. Afterward, I felt much more capable of handling everything.
And then there's Miss Emily, who keeps looking up at me with this adorable face of hers ~ how can you not smile when you see her? She's like an all-natural, beautiful mood enhancer who's always ready for a cuddle.
Wishing all of you (and me) a low-key week full of quiet beauty...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I absolutely know what you mean. Little things like this - taking a bit of time out to arrange flowers, bake something, have a cup of coffee whilst reading a magazine - really do make a difference to the day and are important in order to be able to focus on the bigger things. Have a great week xo

  2. OMG, the autumn blooms are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

    I need to get back into the habit of buying fresh flowers for the house. They do, indeed, beautify one's life and lift one's spirits.

    Seeing your "Downtown Abbey" book...have you been watching the new season? I know we Americans won't be getting it on PBS until January, but my daughter and I (in addition to several people we know) watch it online, via British TV...so we are already enjoying the 3rd season. Last week (episode 5) was a shocker and a heartbreaker. My daughter and I were sobbing so hard we could barely breathe.

    Have a great day, Eileen. And thanks for beautifying my day with your lovely flowers.


  3. Your flowers are beautiful and so is Miss Emily. I think that pets actually lower your blood pressure....I am thinking about getting a dog when we settle into our new home.

  4. I love everything about autumn!! And, I can't wait to get back to Downton Abbey. Looking forward to the dynamics between the two mothers'-in law! Precious puppy!


  5. Emily and pretty flowers would make me feel special too.


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