Lightening up for spring...

With spring arriving in less than a month and warmer weather (and tulips) here already, I felt the need to brighten up things around here. I designed a new blog header, changed the background and type color and updated a few other things here and there. I hope you'll take a fresh look around and tell me what you think.
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Happy Sunday.

Photo by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. I love the new Spring look and header! Emily is just the cutest thing evah! :)

    I'm so jealous that your Tulips are out!! I'm buried under a pile of snow that showed up on Friday. :)


  2. I feel like Spring has already come around here, warm during the day but freezing at night like Winter's trying to get started. lol

  3. Your new spring look is lovely. We planted a zillion red tulips several years ago. The next year we decided to spend our winters down south and we've yet to see them bloom. Boo hoo.

  4. Lighter look and spring on it's way - perfect!

    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Tulips.. the expression of Spring in a bulb.....

    Your photo is wonderful... I love the play of light and shadow.


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