The beauty of French tea...

The only thing better than getting a package in the mail is getting a surprise package in the mail from France. In this case, my fabulous brother sent me some fabulous Parisian tea. He said it was the best black tea he had ever had and so naturally he had to send some to his tea-loving sister. After drinking nearly half the box in record time, I have to concur. The tea is beyond delicious ~ strong and flavorful with just a hint of fruit. So good in fact, I was thinking I'm going to have to start importing my tea, but then I discovered I can buy it here.
Still, I may have to have it delivered from France once in awhile just for the romance of getting a package from Paris. Anyone else have any must-have teas?

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  1. I don't have any must-have teas but I can say that this box from France looks amazing! Oo la la! :D

  2. What a wonderful surprise!
    I don't drink a lot of tea. Honestly, I rarely drink "hot drinks". But, if I'm not feeling particularly well, my go to drink is tea.
    This sounds wonderful. You're lucky to have such a thoughtful brother. :)
    Is he the one that was in Japan last year?


  3. I agree with you about the loveliness of getting an unexpected package in the mail. What a delightful surprise!!

    I have never had French tea. But my must-have tea is Harney & Sons Earl Grey. It's the best Earl Grey I've ever had, and it comes in the most beautiful fabric sachets insted of the customary tea bags.

    What a thoughtful brother you have!!

    Have a wonderful day.


  4. Laura ~ yes, he's my brother that lives in Japan. He's still there. :)


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