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 Vera Bradley is launching its new spring colors later this month ~ Rosy Posies, Camellia, Island Blooms and Ellie Blue ~ and judging by the brief preview, they're all lovely. As a little treat, they have designed four new desktop wallpapers, which you can see here. Aren't they pretty? I love a little dash of color on the computer. You can download the wallpapers easily by going here. You can see a brief preview of the new colors and patterns there, too. I quite like all the new patterns, but I think Island Blooms is my favorite (it would be lovely to take on our honeymoon), with Ellie Blue a close second. My favorite of the wallpapers is Camellia and Rosy Posies. Which do all of you like?


  1. Aren't those adorable? I have to choose the blue, although love the typewriter!

  2. The coral topiary, or the blue... My MIL exclaimed, "Babar!" and that made me love it - and her - more...

    They're all fabulous, and I wasn't wild about the new patterns, so that's saying something.

  3. I am going to appear to be an idiot, but I don't know what desktop wallpaper is.

    I do love Vera Bradley designs though. I bought a really pretty bag to take on my trip last year. I also have the cosmetic tote.

    Hope your day is lovely as can be.


  4. Love the colors and the new changes in your life. Congratulations! I'm loving Rod Stewart and Dolly! Thanks.

  5. The blue is gorgeous! Love Vera Bradley. Her bags are amazing, hold so much. There's a shop in our village with occasional discounts, yum!

  6. Desktop wallpaper is the design on your computer monitor. :) You can select different colors or pictures.


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