Coffee table pleasures...

I love coffee tables. Or more precisely, I love what's on coffee tables. I think it's an interesting glimpse into a person. Since the holidays are over and done with and the house has returned to normal, I thought I'd share how my coffee table looks now. I got this adorable little tea set for Christmas and it seemed too pretty to put away in a cupboard, so it's on display, spreading its purple joy to everyone who walks into the room. There are also a couple of stacks of books ~ some read, some waiting to be read ~ and a couple of sets of DVDs: The Best of Europe and a Jamie Oliver food travel set, both waiting to be watched. All in all, pretty typical, and yet revealing in that you could surmise accurately I love tea, decorating books, food and traveling.
What's on your coffee table?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. On my coffee table there are a couple of magazines. Both Romantic Shabby-decorating.
    On top of those are about 40 WWE wrestling figurines and a ring. (a wrestling ring).

    Guess which of those things are mine. :P



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