Welcome, December...

December is here. Time to prepare in earnest for the holidays, bundle up against the start of winter and indulge in all those wonderful traditions. It's the month to enjoy cups of hot cocoa, candy canes and cookies. Try and finish your shopping early so you can snuggle in against the cold. December is a month best spent warm and cozy with loved ones.
May all of you be blessed with a beautiful holiday season...


  1. i love this! I have been on the look out for some ice skates at yard sales and thrift shops with no luck .. yet..

  2. I'm happy that December is finally here too. I do love the coziness of the winter months.


  3. Is that your front door? I love the skate and the frosted glass...

  4. Lovely photo! Reminds me of Pottery Barn! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season too!

  5. I'm doing old skates on our front door this year. It's on my to-to list for tomorrow after work.

    Yours looks cozy!


  6. I wish that was my front door. :) It's just a lovely photo I found that I thought all of you would enjoy.


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