Setting a Thanksgiving table...

I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving next week ~ a house full of people and a table full of delicious food is a great combination. I love setting the table, too, and making it as pretty and seasonal as possible.
Which brings me to my latest dish "need": Thanksgiving dishes. I have plenty of dishes that I can and have used for Thanksgiving, including some autumn-themed dishes, but I suddenly have this desire for some actual turkey dishes. I'm thinking something along the lines of these salad plates and this platter from Pottery Barn. Aren't they lovely? I would probably use them throughout the fall, though, rather than just one day, just like I use my Christmas dishes throughout the the holiday season.
Do you have special Thanksgiving dishes?

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 ~ all from Pottery Barn


  1. No, I don't but I love the ones you are showing! I have to go check them out!


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