The joy of new dishes...

New dishes are one of the great thrills in life, at least to me. I have been wanting a soup tureen for some time and when I saw this one from Longaberger, I knew I had found the right one, even if it was a bit pricey. I loved the matching mini-tureen bowls that you could purchase to go along with it, so I started with those. Then my parents came to visit from the opposite coast and my mom insisted I open my Christmas present early. Inside was the soup tureen I had been coveting, along with two more matching bowls. I had mentioned to her in passing that I wanted it and of course being a mom, she made a mental note. I am still over the moon about my new set, which happens to match a few other Longaberger pieces I have. We used it while they were here, so it's all broken in. What do you think?

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Eileen,

    Love that color. I was a Longaberger fan for many years but sold almost all of it when I moved south. Soup tureens are wonderful. I have one from Apilco now.


  2. I think that I LOVE Them! Green is not one of my favourite colours but that is just lovely.

    That's so funny. I've been wanting a soup tureen for a long time too!


  3. I have always been in love with soup tureens and soup bowls too. The big problem with them is they don't stack too deep. I even dragged home some lion head bowls from England, then 10 years later you could find them everywhere here at 1/5 the price!

    What a great mom! I always try to listen and take notes too and sometimes it is just too hard to wait. Glad she couldn't wait.

  4. Just gorgeous and perfect for your cooler weather xo

  5. Love these....beautiful color!


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