There's no beauty in moving...

I wish it were otherwise, but even I have to admit there's not much beauty to be found while in the midst of packing and moving. But at least some of our containers are brightly colored ~ it adds a bit of cheerfulness to an otherwise dreary task.
Slowly but surely, scenes like the one below are taking over our house. This is a stack of items waiting to go into storage ~ things that we can either live without for a year or that we have no room for in our new place, which is adorable but a tad small. Have I mentioned that we're moving back East in a little over a year? Yes, two moves rather on top of one another (which is partly why I was so upset about having to suddenly move now). But once we're back in the Carolinas next year, we're staying put. Now that is a cheery thought.
In the meantime, my weekend will be full of boxes. Here's hoping yours is full of something a little more fun (and beautiful)...


  1. Oh, I feel your pain...moving isn't much fun (I've lost count of how many times I have moved) or very pretty. I tend to - before I do anything else - make some coffee, put some pictures up and get some fresh flowers, that always helps to settle in a new place. Good luck xo

  2. I've only moved twice in my life. The first time was after I married my husband. I was still living at home with my parents (I was only 21!). I threw all of my "crap" into a garbage bag and drove into town. That was it.
    The second time was after 7 years of marriage and two kids. I swore, the next time I moved it would be to the graveyard. What a pain!

    So, I feel badly for you that you have to do it again so quickly. Blah. :(

    My sister in law and I really want to visit the "South" someday. We are hoping to go within the next few years. How cool would it be if we actually could meet!! :) Don't worry, I'm not a stalker. Well, not a hard core one anyways.


  3. I actually like moving, but not twice in two years....where in the Carolinas are you moving back to? Any where near me?? I am in Asheville NC.

  4. Oh boy! I feel your pain...

  5. Your pretty containers are great. They must make the process a bit easier than drab cardboard.

  6. I feel your moving pain. We've moved more times than I care to count, including out of the country with a pet in tow.

    Your containers are so pretty. It must make packing them more pleasant than just brown boxes.

  7. I agree. Moving is a lot of work. It always feels good to get settled once again.
    Each move seems to be a bigger deal than the last.
    I hope I don't have to move again!


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