Welcome, spring...

"In the spring I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside 
of four and twenty hours."
~ Mark Twain 

Spring is here! For some reason my anticipation of spring has been even greater than usual this year. Of course, now that it is officially here, I'm afraid where I live we're going to be having one of those days like Mr. Twain was speaking of above. Actually, it looks like we may be in for a week of those kind of days. The sun is sort of shining right now through the clouds, but we're expecting rainshowers of varying strengths throughout the day, topped off by bad winds and apparently, a flash flood watch.
This past week, I ventured outside to cut some of the gorgeous indications of spring in my yard and fashioned this bouquet. I've enjoyed seeing a little spring beauty sitting on my dining room table for the week, even if the actual arrival of the new season leaves a little to be desired. Oh well...
How are things blooming where you live?


  1. Not much is blooming here yet, in fact, there's a chance for snow next weekend *supposedly* but I wouldn't hold my breath! :-)

  2. I am looking forward to starting my little Parisian window garden! Can't wait for spring! xx Ophelia


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