The Art of Living Beautifully is moving...

Spring seems like a good time for a fresh start, so I decided to take the plunge and make one.
I am moving my blog home. You'll now find me at my new blog, The Pink Home. I will be shutting down this blog in the next couple of months as I complete the transition. I hope all of you will hop over there for a look and follow me there. Click here to visit.
I decided to move for several reasons. At some point, I'm planning on opening a little shop under the name The Pink Home, so it seemed to make sense to put everything under one name. I also thought it might be fun to branch out a little and my new blog will allow me to do that by expanding the focus of my writing and photography. The Pink Home will be similar to The Art of Living Beautifully in that it will contain home/gardening/cooking content, but I'm hoping it will be even better.
I hope you'll join me at The Pink Home and visit often.


  1. I'm already following the new blog!!! See you there.


  2. I'm there baby! :-)

  3. Gosh, thanks so much for letting me know! no one lives the life beautiful like you do in your posts! Blessings dear, see you over there!


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