Rainy Wednesday...

I woke up to rainy skies and cool temperatures this morning. It's one of those gray days where the wind blows and the sky is gray, even when the rain decides to take a break. I love the rain, as a rule, but I much prefer it when I can stay home, cuddled up with a cup of tea and a good book. I would have given just about anything to stay in bed this morning, but needs must, so off I went to work. Since I would much rather be at home, I've decided a comfort food dinner of my Shepherd's Pie is in order (it helps that I've got some homemade mashed potatoes left over to kick start things), followed by some peace and quiet and that stack of magazines I've been meaning to get through. Perfect for a rainy Wednesday evening.


  1. I've tried and tried to make Shepherd's pie, but it falls flat. *sighs* I'd like to say the potatoes are different in the States, but, deep down, I know it's me. Anyway, have a huge slice (or two) for me!

  2. That Shepherd's pie sounds so good! It didn't rain here, but it's warm (ok, 53 degrees), cloudy and the snow melted a ton today :-)

  3. what a beautiful photo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the quotes on your sidebar!

  4. We had rainy skies on Wednesday too. Luckily the sun made an appearance today. Shepherd's Pie sounds perfect - thanks for the idea for dinner.
    Bon weekend,

  5. Beautiful picture of the raindrops on the leaves....I just did a post about magazines. Your sherpards pie sounds perfect for a rainy, cold day.

  6. Shepherd's pie on a rainy day...heaven - the pie that is, not the rain ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  7. What a gorgeous post. I love rainy days too, and being at home is even better.


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