Furry First Friday ~ the love edition...

Things have been so off-kilter lately, I almost completely forgot about Furry First Friday! How rude for the hostess to throw a party and forget to, well, host. My almost-bad manners aside, I hope some of you remembered.
Since it's February, the month of love, I decided to show photos of my sweet pups snuggling ~ or, at least as close as they get to it. In the top photo, that's Russ and Emily on the same bed (look how pleased with herself Emily looks to be next to Russ, her hero) and Nick on the round bed in the back. In the bottom photo, that's Russ, 13, on the left and Nicholas, 11, on the right. It's rare for the two of them to curl up on the same bed, but it's been chilly this winter.
Furry First Fridays is hosted on the first Friday of each month by moi. All you need to do to join in is post photos of your furry friends, put a link to my blog in your post and then link up to the party, which is open through the weekend. Don't forget to grab the button, too.
Happy Furry First Friday!


  1. If anyone has any trouble linking up, just leave the link in the comments and I'll take care of it.

  2. HI Bella,
    I saw your comment in Penny's blog about favorite books. I LOVE BArbara Streisands new book, I got it at Christmas and I think it is a masterpiece. That lady is seriously talented in a lot of things, and design is one of them. So many beautiful rooms! Which was your favorite?

  3. They are adorable. Happy furry Friday.

  4. Soooo sweet! :)
    I'm off to do a post right now and will come back to link up.


  5. darn it, I missed it again! :-( I was thinking about it a couple of days ago and somehow it didn't occur to me that this Friday is the first Friday of February. doh!

  6. Happy Furry Friday Bella!

    Your fur angels look so adorable lounging around! Doesn't it just warm your heart to capture moments like these?

    I'm participating in a wonderful event called One World One Heart this month - when you visit, stop by my post for a chance to win a special gift from me! :-)


  7. Hi Bella

    The "kids" look great all snuggled in. I can't get a decent photo of our Alley Cat. She's not too photogenic.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. This is such a funny and sweet idea... Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend, Love from London xo

  9. Love this party!!! Thanks so much for hosting it!!! Beautiful furbabies...Have a wonderful week!!!

  10. I am late to the party as usual, but can I blame it on the snow?
    I hope you will still come visit.
    How sweet of your babes to snuggle, even if it is just for warmth. My dogs will lay down together just to move the other one out of a favorite spot.


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