Favorite find... beautiful candles

I was wandering around Pier 1 imports the other day with a gift card I forgot I had (does anyone else do that?) and I came across a set of their new spring candles. These six-sided beauties come in a few different designs, but I decided on the blue/green peacock. Isn't it lovely? It's almost too pretty to burn... almost.
If you don't have a Pier 1 near you, you can check out these lovely indulgences here. They would make a perfect gift ~ for yourself or someone else.


  1. Looks like I will be heading to Pier One soon! Love that candle...

  2. I spotted these candles in their catalog and there are ideal for Valentine gifts -- so pretty -- I have candles I can't burn I love them so...end up using my Lampe Berger's and having the candles for decoration..

  3. oh wow, I love that!

  4. They're really nice, love the design! xo


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