Chocolate, delicious chocolate...

Be still my heart ~ dark fudge brownies that aren't overly sweet. Such indulgences must be heaven sent. This brownie mix was a gift to me at Christmas from a co-worker. While I am firmly in the fresh food, make-it-from-scratch camp, I frequently make an exception for brownies.
My friend found a bunch of these Gourmet Girl dark fudge brownie mixes from Sisters Gourmet at Ross and bought them up for everyone at work. I have to admit I am always curious about those gourmet goodies at Ross, TJ Maxx, etc., though I don't usually try them. My experience with these brownies, however, has changed my mind ~ I must indulge more.
I made these this past weekend and they were delicious ~ fudgy, with a true dark chocolate flavor, not super sweet. I had a couple squares of Ghirardelli dark chocolate floating around, so I broke those up into little pieces and threw them in the batter. Truly fabulous ~ a perfect chocolate treat in this month of love.


  1. Bella,

    I am always curious about food at Ross and other stores too. The brownie mix sounds delicious but I am trying not to bake because I am the one that eats it!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day


  2. Oh the sound wonderful and I think I would have bought them just for the packaging!


  3. I'm like you, I usually try to make everything from scratch however... some of the Brownie mixes out there are pretty darn good. Glad to add another one to try to my list!
    Oh chocolate... how do I love thee!



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